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Thanks for the quick response and an informative seminar today. K.S.

I was at your class today and it was very informative. The handouts will be helpful I'm sure. I'm going to check out your website to see if i can locate those tax sites you were on today. You mentioned that you have some good comments for the 1004MC form, when you get a chance i would appreciate a copy.  T.W.

Thanks for doing the class in Bridgewater. I used to do McKissock online because it was convenient, but I learned a lot more in your class than I expected to. I will take more if you come to Bridgewater! L. H.

I enjoyed your land use course. Keep up the good work! R.N.

I got it to work!! Thanks so much for always helping out! I believe that you go above and beyond for your students and I appreciate it...you don't get this kind of personal service from taking an online class!!! K. P.

Your class instruction was very informative and comprehensive, and I would not hesitate to take additional Continuing Education classes from you. You may use this letter as part of your advertising if you so desire.  P. B.

Thank you George, I always struggle with language and your E-mail gives me good options. D. M.

Thanks!! We appreciate your effort and help. E. M.

Attended your class last Saturday and as usual you did a great presentation. T. H.

Thanks so much, I really enjoy your classes. B. F.

Nailed it!!! Thanks for all your help, couldn’t have done it without you. G. H.

Thank you again for your quick response and your help. V. L.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in reviewing for the Certified Residential Exam. After putting it off for a year and a half, I passed it the first time out. Couldn’t have done it without you! G. P.

Great seminar yesterday. I hate to admit it, but I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. M. N.

thanks!!!!!!!!!!! that was the first time i actually learned anything in all these years. you were am excellent instructor and i am sure i will be seeing you in the future. T. P.

Your class this past Tues. at Fairfield was super.  Thank you. J. V.

I was in your review class on Sunday and I took the Certified test yesterday.  I did pass. (pause for applause)... Thank you so much for your help and I'll be sure to recommend your classes in the future. N. G.

That was a good class yesterday; material was thorough and very nicely done. Good examples of comparable vs. competing. D. R.

I called you a few months ago about the appraisal I did that didn't make value and the homeowner reported me to the appraisal board. You were very helpful to me and I really appreciated that. A. S.

Thanks, You are a true fount of knowledge. J. M.

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class, I thought it was great and I learned a great deal of useful information. I have spent my entire appraisal career (only 5 years) working as a staff appraiser for the same lender, so while I am great at residential mortgage appraisals, I am utterly lost when it comes to appraisals for any other purpose. With the lending environment as it is, I was feeling a little hopeless about continuing to do appraisals. I could not imagine soliciting clients for work I was not competent to perform. Your class has changed that, I now feel confident that I can perform an appraisal for tax appeal purposes. I also learned many other things that will be useful when doing any type of appraisal assignment. So thanks again. D. P.

George, I want to thank you for your detailed response to my questions. Your experience is very helpful... L. B.

The tax appeal course was excellent.  I learned a lot and have already put this new knowledge to good use. H. A.

I just wanted to e-mail you to say "THANK YOU" for the great preparation that you supplied to me with all of your regular classes and the refresher course. I took and passed the licensing exam in early December.  Once I passed it, your words began eating away at me that I should try for the Certified Residential.  So, I gave myself a Christmas present and scheduled the date for my Certified Residential Exam on December 26th, no less! After some additional studying on Christmas Day I went, took and passed my Certified Residential Exam. Your preparation was right on the money and the confidence I gained from that was immeasurable. D. R.

Thanks for a great class... H. G.

Thank you for giving us a great informative class. D. W.

It was a pleasure taking your class today.  I look forward to continuing my education with you.The drive is worth it.Thank you. A. L.

Just a little note of appreciation. Your selection of appraisal courses are comforting when the students are in need. The USPAP course was very informative and well presented. R. C.


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